"Carlos has the unique ability to combine fine training, a powerful touch and delicate instincts to provide a truly fantastic massage experience from which I emerge feeling totally relaxed and renewed every time. My life and musical career would not be the same without his genius."

Henrik Persson

"I have known Carlos since 1985. He has devoted his life to a path of psycho-spiritual development, through process, body and breath-work, giving of himself and enabling others on their evolutionary journey and has learned to trust his intuition as he developed his work. He is a skilled and dynamic practitioner who is willing to take risks in order to nudge others into deep and profound states of awareness and consciousness."

Paul Taylor

"I feel I am in very sure hands, and the whole sequence has a beautiful atmosphere and flow. I can feel everything moving freely through my body. Over a period of time, Carlos’ skilful, patient and intuitive approach has helped me to release some very frightening and difficult emotional blocks."

Hester Seddon

"Carlos is a skilled holistic body healer who creates a safe container for man or woman to be therapeutically ravaged in their session. I fully recommend that you experience him."

Baba Dez Nichols

"My work has led me to travel to many of the most exclusive hotel spas and health clubs in the world. None of the massage therapists came close to Carlos’ level of expertise. I have known him for almost eighteen years and have arranged for him to teach the therapists in some of those places, for example, the Prince Maurice in Mauritius. All of them should use his technique. He is by far the best."

David Marshall, ‘The Body Doctor.’

"Carlos is the massage artist with the magic hands. He has a true understanding of how to alleviate physical and mental tension - a unique and very special therapist."

Rula Lenska

"Carlos has an extraordinary ability to read your body and give you just the massage you need – he is the best ‘masseuse’ (in touch with his ‘inner feminine’) that I have ever had."

Rosie Wright 

"I have been going to Carlos for 15 years now. I travel a lot and I always have a bad back when I get off the plane, and he always fixes it. No other massage has ever come close to what he can give."


"I have had several massages from Carlos and I can honestly say that they were all among the best massages I've ever received. Carlos is very intuitive, confident and strong. This is not aromatherapy but
deep body work. I came out of all the massages feeling light, refreshed and happy."

Dr. Brian Kaplan

"Carlos is a masseur like no other. On my first visit, I had difficulty moving my head because of the pain in my neck and shoulders, but Carlos un-knotted and de-stressed me completely in one session which in itself was amazing. Regular visits since have kept the pain and stress at bay - sensational!"

Henrietta Price

"Carlos has supported me during my physical and emotional journey. Every session has been unique and in the moment. I always feel uplifted and integrated when I leave."

Jane Brown

"I have known Carlos and his magic hands for over ten years. He has soothed, healed, pummelled, and kick-started my system over that period of time.  The back has been a pain over the years but I have found those regular sessions with Carlos have solved that, and my whole wellbeing improves. A lovely guy, with wonderful hands!"

Tessa Soloman

"I went to Carlos with an open mind and closed body. I liked his charm, wit and lovingly sensual approach from the moment I met him. He was amazing; he used his whole body to massage me, combining breath and voice work to release tension in my muscles. His technique allowed me to access buried emotions, stuck thinking and totally reframed me on how to work with my own body energy to gain deeper sexual pleasure with my partner. I was not the same person after the treatment, I left glowing, sensual and with a deep understanding of how to remain grounded which had previously been a problem for me. I highly recommend him."


"I recently had the privilege of witnessing two sessions where a close friend received a massage from Carlos. In both sessions I was one of two witnesses – each of us holding a loving female presence for our friend - supporting her in letting go into the emotions and sensations arising from her experience.

Having first explored verbally the issues of his client, Carlos began to connect with her at a deeper body level. It was beautiful to watch as he lovingly began to open up her body’s holding patterns, intuitively finding the places of physical and emotional tension and encouraging her to release through breath, sound and movement. He moved with incredible grace and precision – sometimes using deep massage strokes, sometimes light caresses or simply holding and rocking the body – whatever was needed. Allowing expansion into both bliss and pain, Carlos masterfully followed and guided the energy, using toning and shamanic skills to assist in the journey.

Each session was very different according to the woman and what she wanted to work with – at times a re-sensitising or reconnection of an energy pathway, at other times more of a dance and merging of energies. As a witness, I felt I too participated in the session - my issues resonated, sometimes tears and pain, sometimes joy and expansion – a beautiful way to connect with all that is."


"Over the years, I have experienced many forms of massage, but none come close to what I have received from ‘Carlos time’. His treatments offer depth, focus and respect of my body’s needs. I call him the king of massage."

Shelly Bloom


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