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Carlos has been practising and teaching since 1985. He trained in England and India in a wide variety of massage techniques and body therapies, while undergoing his own development through Kriya and Hatha yoga, Kabbalah, metaphysics and rock climbing. He also trained in Chavutti Thirumal, a powerful system of massage by foot. He now treats using his hands and feet, with or without oils. Clients can be dressed or undressed depending on the nature of the treatment or what is comfortable for the client.

Following his interest in human energy systems he qualified in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, and has developed a comprehensive multi-layered approach to the release of blocks and stresses throughout the body, incorporating the essences of Western and Eastern techniques. His personal experience of releasing his own pains and somatic blocks is central to his ability to ‘read’ the body and retune its energetic systems.

Carlos’ work combines the integrated essences of all that he has studied, experienced, and developed through his healing work. He is intuitively responsive to the needs of the client and works at the level most appropriate. A treatment may be simply a deeply restorative massage, or an insight into habitual patterns. When trust and safety have developed, physical clearing and alignment may be accompanied by profound emotional releases, restoring integration, vitality, and joy.

Below is a video of Carlos talking about the mindset of Awakening Bodily Consciousness.

Part 2 of the talk is below.

I call my work Awakening Bodily Consciousness, which describes the activating intention and effect of my system of body work. The ABC method works with the psycho-somatic and emotional connection between the clearing of lymphatic congestion in the neck, armpits, belly and groin and the meridians associated with the emotional correlations of specific organs.

The primary premise of ABC is to create a safe space to allow a client to dare to take a risk - to feel and trust their ability to let go of boundaries that bind and no longer serve them; to become more conscious of expressing their spontaneous human ‘animal’, allowing the blood/energy/warmth/Love to release and dissolve their armored physiological patterning and to transform from within.

The energy I work with is Love, which is my protection, coursing through me when I begin touching another body. I allow Love to pass through me, as opposed to falling in love or into neurosis or projection! I breathe and observe my body at work. If I give 99% I will tire, yet if I give 100% I’m energized - that 1% of holding back is where the shadow plays with our cosmic joker! Love is powerful, like water eroding rock. By stepping out of the way, I allow this energy to course through me. My body becomes a container for life-force which energizes me to keep giving from a universal source, rather than from my own reserves.

Touching three or more points of physical contact simultaneously causes a ‘pattern-interrupt’ and the dualistic perceptions, judgments and fears of the clients’ mind/body let go. I use my hands, feet, elbows, knees, chin and forehead, as well as tantric-shamanic techniques; sounding and mouthing (sometimes controlled biting, a shamanistic approach, leaving no marks ) to ‘spit’ out stuck or poisonous energy patterns, together with breath work and guided visualizations to help clients to emotionally release psychosomatic blockages. Placing hands over the groin and/or other parts of the body simultaneously - while mock biting and sounding/toning causes a positive release of emotion via controlled shock. It’s like joining up the dots of an unseen picture, to reveal a hidden, reoccurring pattern.

It is important to note that permissions to bite or work over the groin are only asked for at the beginning of a session. That way the controlled surprise of a movement is what creates the ABC effect – hence safety being the key element to allow un-safety to emerge. It is also why ABC is not a normal massage meant for everyone! Sometimes clients ask for a witness to be present, a partner or a friend, which I encourage.

I have no formal training in Tantra or Shamanism, but over the years of treating many well known Tantra teachers and shamanistic practitioners, it has been said that I’m a natural. Given the organic way I have distilled my own processes from the essence of all the things that work from my trainings I must conclude that I’m self-taught, stemming from my focus on instinct (lower intuition) in tune with the impulse information via the brain cells that line the entire length of the gut. I bypass the rational mind, allowing intuition to guide the process without my conscious interference; otherwise I cannot be fully present to the vulnerability and emotions that can arise from a person - seemingly out of nowhere.

Clients often arrive ‘numbed out’, physically and emotionally, as a result of accumulated daily stresses or deeper-seated issues which remain as tensions and blocks held in the body. In dealing with issues around libido and/or sexuality ABC honors the intimate life-force of each person.

For most people, instinct is a scary hindbrain place which only becomes integrated in people who do dangerous -or conscious- sports. ABC is a conscious approach to working with people’s danger zones. Instinct is second nature to me because of all the areas of human experience that I have personally explored - thus I know my shadow-self very well. My gut instinct contains all of the essence of higher natures. The intuitive realm takes care of itself, so long as my animal heart and intentions are true and wholesome.

I often get referrals based on the notion that I can help a women find a better (next) partner! Well, it’s true; women often know their psychosomatic state is preventing them from attracting a better outcome in relationship or a partner into their lives.

Many female clients with issues around sexuality are drawn to my work. The sexual energy becomes distorted due to blocks in the second chakra /energy centre. I call this centre the sexualized centre when blocked, and the creative centre when freed up and connected to the base centre/chakra. ABC has helped many women to develop a better relationship with themselves and their partners, though I can’t honestly explain why, except maybe I serve the role of being a mirror for some. Initially, women may project on to me; however, it is part of my job to spot this, without making them feel wrong when it happens.

I feel my role in ABC is to hold sacred space and bear witness for women to safely open, without judgment or shame, to have a chance to release their hidden rage and sadness – not just regurgitate and recycle its expression! The body has its own wisdom and timing to let go, otherwise I’m not safe either. Then release happens of its own accord, enabling clients’ energy centers to be freed up, clearing a channel to express more authentically.

My work with women in particular has mostly been sustained through recommendations from clients who have found it valuable - those who have been closed down but are ready to allow feeling to heal emotional damage; to express and discharge over-sexualized experiences, or for women who want to open and enjoy the fullness of their life force. Victims of abuse can also be helped, though preferably working alongside a qualified practitioner.

It's okay to be scared of one's sexuality and the power it can hold. ABC can be on the edge of a woman’s comfort zones- getting primal and in touch with her own cave-woman - hair pulling optional! This is not a sexual arena, but an instinctual one, an erotic journey within that person. The breath is the most intimate aspect of the journey, and to synchronize the rhythm of my breath with theirs, and then add movement and sound makes for a powerful treatment. Encouraging a female client to express feelings and passion, via her own movements and sounds, without fear of abusive invasion, allows her to access and tap into new energy which can be used to express and release stuck anger at life if deep trauma surfaces. ABC holds a safe space of containment to feel the power of the life force without the primal fear of being 'taken' or killed.

If I am asked why do what I do, I say I was a rock climber for 11 years, living on the edge. Now the on-the-edge way I work suits that same nature. I can't explain further how I function this way. It's why I've found ABC difficult to teach analytically when I am embodying the method. How do you teach someone to be you and not them? I teach best when others watch me work - especially other therapists - like a master class.

Why ‘shaktiman’? I work with the Shakti/feminine energy which courses through me – I honour the Shakti.

In essence, ABC prepares a body to reach its place of stillness, from where any repressed or damaged aspects of the person may have space to integrate and heal.


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